J. Nathan Matias     MIT Media Lab

I am a computational social scientist who works with millions of people in citizen behavioral science toward a fairer, safer, more understanding internet. I advance this work through CivilServant and as a postdoc at Princeton University departments of Psychology, Sociology, and Center for Information Technology Policy.

Note: the projects on this website were last updated in 2013. Please follow the links below for more up-to-date information:

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Social Mirror: Tablet Tech for Social Checkups

Social Mirror at #MediaLabIO

Social Mirror is social checkup technology for people and organisations. Together with Gaia Marcus at the UK Royal Society of Arts, I developed prototype tablet software to collect information about people's relational well-being. Our first prototype collected information about the connectedness of MIT Media Lab sponsor companies.

In 2013, with funding from the Nominet Trust, the help of ace developer Laurian Gridinoc, the Knowle West Media Centre and a participating group in the National Health Service, we're running a pilot with young people and elderly people on the idea using network surveys to support "social prescriptions."

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