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I collaborate on technology, research, and communities which empower people to become more creative, more effective, and more informed. I'm a PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media and an affiliate at the Berkman-Klein Center at Harvard.

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The Ministry of Stories: Hoxton Street Monster Supply Company

1 Jun 2010 - 29 Jul 2011

Lucy Macnab co-director Ben Payne co-director J. Nathan Matias chief tech advisor Mark Simpkins make:good Heather Taylor Ministry of Stories

I served as the Chief Technology advisor and technical liaison for the Ministry of Stories, a non-profit creative writing centre in East London that helps children and young people to develop their writing. We launched in November 2010, and I served through the Ministry's first year. I set up on-site computer systems, coordinated with contractors for our initial website, recruited a long term tech team, and helped establish the Ministry's online store, monstersupplies.org. As of Dec 2012, the Ministry is still thriving and now working to establish a network for creative writing centres across Europe.

We received considerable press upon launch:

I couldn't possibly acknowledge the vast number of amazing people who worked with us on this project, of which I was just one part. Thanks everyone!