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I am a computational social scientist who works with millions of people in citizen behavioral science toward a fairer, safer, more understanding internet. I advance this work through CivilServant and as a postdoc at Princeton University departments of Psychology, Sociology, and Center for Information Technology Policy.

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Truth, Trust, and the Textual Camera

1 Oct 2004

J. Nathan Matias researcher

I have mixed feelings towards this hypertext about nonfiction form on the Web, which I presented at Rose-Hulman's 10th anniversary of the Web conference: WWW@10.

"What will web creative nonfiction look like?" is the driving question of this hypertext essay. It includes analyses of:

Looking back, I appreciate its breadth and love its rhetorical innovation. I cringe at the low quality of its analysis. Nevertheless, I can see that creating this paper has profoundly shaped the later development of Philadelphia Fullerine and the World University Project. It also gave me the confidence to work on the Antislavery Exhibit in Cambridge several years later.