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I collaborate on technology, research, and communities which empower people to become more creative, more effective, and more informed. I'm a PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media and an affiliate at the Berkman-Klein Center at Harvard.

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Philadelphia Fullerine: (sculpture)

2004 - 2005

J. Nathan Matias creator Jorge Matias fabrication support Nate Eagleson digital support E-town College
Philadelphia Fullerine Circa 2005, in Zug Hall, Elizabethtown College

Philadelphia Fullerine is a geodesic narrative montage showing people, events, and themes of ethnic life in mid-19th century Philadelphia. Each face, which presents an image from Philadelphia history, has a corresponding audio narrative. The stories and ideas of adjacent faces are related, and may be followed to explore connected narratives.

A multidisciplinary project, Philadelphia Fullerine brought together my skills in sculpture, engineering, hypertext history research, writing, performance, and recording.

Philadelphia Fullerine exists as:

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Website: http://www.rubberpaw.com/philadelphia/

Here is a screenshot of the DVD version

Philadelphia Fullerine DVD