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I am a computational social scientist who works with millions of people in citizen behavioral science toward a fairer, safer, more understanding internet. I advance this work through CivilServant and as a postdoc at Princeton University departments of Psychology, Sociology, and Center for Information Technology Policy.

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Emberlight: Visual Notes Online

Apr 2009 - Jul 2011

J. Nathan Matias cofounder Frederick cheung co-cofounder
Notes from Edward Tufte's Talk at #Intelligence2

Emberlight puts visual notes online, as a collaboration server and web publishing platform for spatially-related, linked documents.

I founded the company together with Frederick Cheung, former Chief Wizard at Texperts/KGB and now CTO of Dressipi. We develop it in the evenings and weekends.

I'm very proud of Emberlight, which has grown out of my computer science research.

Emberlight has been used in American community colleges to enable writing and computer science students to work on team projects in their first year.

Emberlight ceased operations when I moved to the MIT Media Lab in 2011. When the company ceased operations, Emberlight was being used by many teams and individuals including some at:

Emberlight aimed to be an innovative company. Here are a few of the technical things Fred and I are most proud of:

In the summer of 2009, Fred and I made a video pitch for Innovate10 competition. Although our business model has changed significantly since then, the video still provides a useful overview of our software and how it fits into the market.

We ended Emberlight when Nathan joined the MIT Media Lab in 2011. Up-to-date information might be available on Emberlight.net