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Scaling for kgb's Superbowl TV Ad

1 Dec 2009 - 31 Mar 2010

Matt Nodder project lead Frederick cheung tech lead J. Nathan Matias liaison, performance Craig Emery team Matthew Rudy Jacobs team J. Nathan Matias team Henry Addison team Lizzy analytics Paul Butcher planning Texperts Wizards

Knowledge Generation Bureau for the television ad we ran during the American Super Bowl (along with others that day). That year, the Super Bowl had 106.5 million television viewers.

Since the kgb service is carried out by thousands of people working collaboratively on our web app, scaling our system was significantly more challenging than simply scaling a website or web application with limited collaboration.

My role involved:

I wrote an article on one aspect of this project for RailsInside: "How a Realtime SMS Service Scaled to Super Bowl Traffic with Rails."