UK News Gender Ranking: What They Publish vs What Readers Share

How many UK news articles are by women? More importantly, does women's writing get heard online? This gender ranking compares the percent of likes and shares received by women's articles in the Guardian, Telegraph, and Daily Mail.

To learn more, read our post on the Guardian Datablog.

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About the Data

We downloaded content for a year of the Guardian, Daily Mail, and Telegraph (> 261,000 articles). In the first week of August, we collected Facebook, Twitter, and G+ likes, shares, and +1s for every article. We then assigned an author gender to as many articles as possible. We also grouped news sections for easier comparison. Get the Data here.

Where to Start

Article gender percent ranks UK news sections by the percentage of articles by women. Like/Share Percent ranks news sections by the percentage of shares women's articles receive. Compare article percent to social percent to discover areas where the percentage of shared articles by women differs largely from the percentage that newsrooms publish.

Top Tip Click any newspaper section to see weekly data on article and social media volume.


Project by J. Nathan Matias, at the MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media.

For more information on my News Gender Data Science project, watch my talk at the MIT Knight Civic Media Conference (video here). You may like my visualization of media representation in the Arab uprisings.

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