11 Craymazing Moments at the Seattle Zombie Walk

6 Jul 2013 09:46

Today is the 5th Annual Seattle Zombie Walk, which started at 3pm at the Next 50 Plaza in Fremont, before heading to the Seattle Center for a reproduction of the "Thriller" Dance (and two weddings).

More info at: http://www.seattlezombies.com/

Photo archive at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1159209@N21/

1. Seattle's Zombies Gather Strength Before Shambling Downtown

Avoid the Seattle Center today. #zombies everywhere! #rwdzombiewalk #Zombiewalk by @jodybossert

Maniacal laughs, Occupy Undead, Zombie Clown, and several pirates.

(photo by @jodybossert) Link: https://twitter.com/jodybossert/statuses/353643260541018112ho

2. With The Right Makeup, You Can Knock 'Em Undead

We're cranking out the make ups! Come see us! #RWDzombiefactory #nightmare2013 #zombiewalk #seattle by @nightmarelake

Photo by @NightmareLake. Link: https://twitter.com/NightmareLake/statuses/353628528979353601

3. WARNING: The Zombies Have Learned How To Use Public Transportation

To the walk, my zombies. #zombie #zombies #zombiewalk by @bulletzombie

(photo by Bullet N Quinn) Link: https://twitter.com/BulletFuckYou/statuses/353637544895848448

4. Oppa Zombie Style

Zombie! #seattle #seattlecenter by @vinylcoffeefood

Won't Gangnam Style *ever* die?

Photo by "Little Miss Sunshine" on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vinylcoffeefood/status/353637149523976192

5. Zombies Invade a Wedding.

Zombie Wedding Attack

Check out the kickass groom, who's about to put his boot into the faces of the undead. Photo by Ed Peterson

6. Survivor Marries Zombie

After the Zombie Walk, a zombie married a survivor, officiated by a zombie clown. "Even when the pulse has vanished and our bodies begin to putrify, the need for love and to be loved is still there. How many of our breathing brethren mistake our simple need for companionship as an intent to harm and mame and consume? All we really want is love, to be accepted, and of course, BRAINS!"

7. The SONICS Return, filled with Empty HUNGER

Photo by Torrin Maynard: https://twitter.com/AdvTorrin/status/353624550967226368/photo/1

8. Nice group of Zombies helping "What's Good 206," a youth journalism non-profit

The crowd of about 15 zombies walked all the way down to an alley next to Siff Uptown to help a group of youth journalists from What's Good 206 do a nice video of zombie craziness.

Another Video: http://instagram.com/p/bcX70vx1ZZ/?autoplay=true#

9. The zombie fighters who came all the way from Russia!


We saw them going to Dick's Burger afterwards. I bet all the zombie fighting made them super hungry.

10. The two kids dressed up as beer bottles


11. Zombie Puppy

2013 Red, White, and Dead Walk in Seattle

He might not reach your brains but he will definitely infect your ankles!

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