SOC412: Course Logistics and Policies

Conversations on Slack

Please post discussions about readings and questions about the course to our chatroom on slack, Please use your Princeton University email address when requesting to join the workspace.

Team Progress Reports

During the project period of the class, teams will submit on Blackboard a weekly progress report no more than one page long, as group homework. This progress report will be graded. Reports should include the following details:

Team Presentations

During the project half of the class, teams will be invited to give two presentations about papers relevant to their project (a different pair of team members may lead on different dates). Presentations should include at least the following slides:

Group Work and Academic Integrity

This class includes group work and individual assignments. On group projects, you are encouraged to work together on the activities for the class, but you are only only able to put your name on projects to which you made an intellectual contribution. If you have any doubts about what is appropriate, ask me.

Any suspected cases of plagiarsm will be handled through Princeton University's honor code procedure, as outlined in Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities.


Princeton's official grading policy is described in the undergraduate announcement. I use the following grading scale, derived from Matt Salganik's grading practices.

All grades are final. There will not be any make-up or extra credit assignments offered.

Per university procedures, I will only give a grade of A+ in exceptional circumstances.

Letter Grade Numeric Grade
A 93 - 100
A- 90 - 92.99
B+ 87 - 89.99
B 83 - 86.99
B- 80 - 82.99
C+ 77 - 79.99
C 73 - 76.99
C- 70 - 72.99
D 60 - 66.99
F 0 - 59.99

Grace Period

Late Submissions: All assignments have an automatic two-day grace period. On time and early papers are always encouraged and will have the professor’s fresh eyes on them, but students also have two days to turn in the paper, no questions asked. After that, an automatic one grade (A to B, B to C, etc) is dropped on the paper, and the student will need to meet with Professor Matias to work out a plan. This policy is derived from policies by Adrienne Keene.


Aside from my regularly scheduled office hours: