J. Nathan Matias     MIT Media Lab

I collaborate on technology, research, and communities which empower people to become more creative, more effective, and more informed. I'm a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media, a fellow at the Berkman Center at Harvard and a DERP Institute fellow.

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Matias, J.N.; Agapie, E; D'Ignazio, C. Graeff, E. Challenges for Personal Behavior Change Research on Information Diversity. CHI 2014 Position Paper, Personalized Behavior Change Workshop

Matias, J.N. Monroy-Hernandez, A. NewsPad: Designing for Collaborative Storytelling in Neighborhoods (CHI 2014 WIP)

Comparing Spatial Hypertext Collections

Web Art Science Camp 2010

Ethics of Software Documentation

Tragedy in Electronic Literature

CoDE Institute

Philadelphia Fullerine (research)

Truth, Trust, and the Textual Camera

Normative Decision-making Model