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Man, a child in understanding of himself, has placed in his hands... tools of incalculable power. He plays with them like a child, and whether they work harm or good is largely a matter of accident.
—"The Public and its Problems" by John Dewey

Half a century after the invention of the Internet, society still struggles with a fundamental problem for the fate of humanity: how to match the capacity to create communication technologies with the capacity to ensure their uses are beneficial. As a social scientist and computer scientist, I study feedback loops of collective behavior between humans and software algorithms that escalate violence, undermine civic discourse, and sometimes expand the common good.

I do this by working in three areas:

I work on these three challenges through the Citizens and Technology Lab (CAT Lab), a research organization I founded and merged into Cornell in 2019. We fill in unanswered questions on digital governance by collaborating with communities to answer scientific, pragmatic, and policy questions about digital life. We grow the pace of knowledge creation through innovations in research infrastructures that often involve novel contributions to computer science. Finally, we broaden leadership in science inside and outside of academia through community science and scientific research on diversity in knowledge creation.

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