Dr. J. Nathan Matias

I study behavior change in groups and networks in contexts shaped by algorithms. I also organize citizen behavioral science with communities of millions toward a world where the power of digital technology is guided by evidence and accountable to the public.

I advance this work through the nonprofit CivilServant and as an associate research scholar at Princeton University departments of Psychology, Center for Information Technology Policy, and Sociology (full bio here).

Recent Articles and Posts

Guide for Journalists & Event Organizers

As someone who regularly gives keynotes, appears on panels, and commits acts of journalism, I do what I can to support high quality conversation on tech and society: as a speaker, as a source, and by helping you find experts.

I decline to participate in all-male or mostly-male events and if needed, I can sometimes suggest more diverse speakers. I also collaborate with journalists on data journalism projects related to tech companies, their policies, and online behavior.

For questions related to my academic work at Princeton, please write me at jmatias@princeton.edu.