Tinderbox Web Viewer

Spatial Hypertext on the Web


By the time I arrived in Cambridge to study English Literature, I was using Eastgate Tinderbox for most research projects. This became a problem in my first term, when my supervisor, Michael Hurley, needed to see my progress on an essay about rhetoric in the film "Chariots of Fire." Hurley had no Mac, and he certainly didn't have a copy of Tinderbox.

To help him see my research progress, I built the Tinderbox Web Viewer, which parsed the Tinderbox XML data and presented the contents of Tinderbox maps in the browser using HTML5 Canvas.

Three years later, in 2009, Fred Cheung and I began Emberlight, which markets a collaborative visual thinking server inspired by the Tinderbox Web Viewer.

Tinderbox Web Viewer What it looks like in Tinderbox