Blessing for a new publication


You’ve written the piece. What happens next is in the hands of God

As a scholar, writer, and organizer, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the months-long operation of publishing a new scholarly article, poem, or manifesto. The logistics of bringing words into the world and facing the consequences leave little time for reflection. That’s one reason I loved evensong as a student at St. John’s College Cambridge, where a short liturgy grounded my daily routine in the deeper story of our world.

Inspired by Every Moment Holy, Black Liturgies, and The Journalists’ Prayer, I have written the following blessing for the day of a new publication.

Blessing for a New Publication

J. Nathan Matias

God of wisdom and knowledge, we ask your blessing for a new publication.

Divider of the seas and earth, may these words bring clarity, inspiration, and action to readers’ worlds.

Castaway cornerstone and manger-Lord, may readers look beyond who they think we are - to recognize whatever is true and just within these words.

Designer of the mustard seed, grant us contentment with small beginnings and a yield of tall trees.

Word made flesh and table flipper, grant us the humility and courage to do justice to those who we have named in this work.

Bless our inboxes and those who fill them.

Speaker to the storm, grant us the resolve to speak the truth and the audacity to hear critiques.

Voice from the whirlwind, grant us the wisdom to see our errors and admit them.

Interrogated Prince of Peace, we ask for shrewdness to answer critics with dignity and the patience to remember the dignity of others in our response.

Child whose citations astonished the wise, may any light in this work be justly acknowledged, to grow and prosper all sound learning. Protect our souls from the distortions of conceit.

Breath of life, grant us rest for work well done. And when our work is done, receive us to your living archive, Writer of a world without end. Amen.