Academic Integrity Publicity


From 2003 to 2005, I was part of the Elizbethtown College Academic Integrity Committee( and co-chair in 04/05 with Kyle Kopko). Our role was to train other students in use of sources and promote academic integrity at all levels of the college.

In 2004, we decided to replace an existing series of posters on academic integrity which had been placed throughout the campus. It was the very first marketing campaign I had ever done, and it involved planning, rights management, design, and then organising a team to physically put up the posters. Some of the designs were done collaboratively with Hannah Scott, using a methodology similar to pair programming.

As a group, I am also pleased at the insight we had to market the posters to third parties. They have been a steady fundraiser for this student society the last few years. The entire set is at:

The following examples demonstrate the stylistic range which I developed across the time I served the Academic Integrity Committee.