Projects with Tinderbox

Spatial Hypertext Information Design


Since I first wrote about Tinderbox by Eastgate Systems in a series on hypertext for SitePoint in 2003, I have been using it for a broad range of information design tasks across academic work, charities, and business. One of my businesses, Emberlight, relies on Tinderbox. I have given talks at numerous Tinderbox weekends.

It's very special in the fast-paced technology industry to develop long-term expertise in an area of software. Tinderbox is unusually satisfying in this way, since its flexibility has kept up with my needs.

I have used Tinderbox for information design on hundreds of small projects-- too many to list here. To give you a taste, here are some screenshots of things I have done with Tinderbox which don't appear elsewhere in this portfolio.

A simple project management Tinderbox file Between X and Y Falls the Shadow Collaboration Space, Tinderbox Weekend 2009, London event-overview expose-sources-writing Collaboration Patterns for Tinderbox Frog and Toad's Fabulous Peanut Experiment 32. Drinking notes from Literary Studies Now Second Try at Collaborative Space toplevel-view 33. Chiasmus In Ruth 2