Philadelphia Fullerine



Philadelphia Fullerine is a geodesic narrative montage showing people, events, and themes of ethnic life in mid-19th century Philadelphia. Each face, which presents an image from Philadelphia history, has a corresponding audio narrative. The stories and ideas of adjacent faces are related, and may be followed to explore connected narratives.

A multidisciplinary project, Philadelphia Fullerine brought together my skills in sculpture, engineering, hypertext history research, writing, performance, and recording.

Philadelphia Fullerine exists as:

Awards & news of note:

  • Exhibited at the National Collegiate Honors Conference, New Orleans IL. 2004
  • Exhibited at the ACM Hypertext Conference, Salzburg Austria, 2005.
  • Winner of "Best of Show" award at the Elizabethtown College Student Art Show, 2005


Here is a screenshot of the DVD version

Philadelphia Fullerine DVD