E-Lit Camp


Together with Stacey Mason at Eastgate Systems, I helped organise E-Lit Camp Boston, "an informal weekend gathering for writers, artists, and programmers currently involved or interested in electronic literature."

Attendees included:

We had talks about:

  • Miniatures in popular culture (Landow)
  • Hypertext historical mysteries (Smith)
  • Artifactual fiction (Bly)
  • Emberlight (Matias)
  • The New Media Perspectives course at Tunxis Community College (Ersinghaus, Timmons)
  • The 100days project (Ersinghaus)
  • Teaching Interactive Fiction (Timmons)
  • A workshop in Interactive Fiction
  • Incremental Formalisation (Mason)
  • (probably other things I forget)

We also made a group trip to see Sleep No More at the Boston Repertory Theatre.