Operational Media Online


In February 2010, I was inivited by the Anglia Research Centre in Digital Culture, to give a talk on what I called "Operational Media," information design which is used to make all sorts of decisions:

  • what to purchase
  • how to use our time
  • how to respond to unfolding combat situations
  • how to vote

I gave examples of design trends, relating them to business, the open government movement, and computer science. I also highlighted relevant skills for students who want work in this area.

During the lecture, I made available a companion site with additional sources and ideas.

Nathan's talk was able to introduce the general idea of computer assisted information retrieval and management which to me was a great way of branding a variety of trends into "operational media". He talked about visualisation of data, augmented reality, filtering of data, expert, crowd and computer assisted information gathering, and a variety of other contexts in which the idea works.
The talk was in providing [sic] really good material on the intertwining of such (bio)political questions in (online) media design.