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Swift-Speare: Statistical Poetry
Autum 2010
Shakespeare with fewer Monkeys and Typewriters

Inspired partly by JM Coetzee's statistical work on Beckett's writing style, Swift-Speare is a set of experiments in machine-learning-assisted poetry composition using the Dr. Johnson prototyping framework I designed for TouchType.

I am currently compiling a collection of poetry in the style of Shakesepeare, Milton, Longfellow, and others with very distinctive styles. I am also applying these methods to novelists with distinctive styles, such as Joseph Conrad, William Gibson, Russell Hoban, and James Joyce.s

Step one: create a statistical model of the sonnets.

Step two: apply our predictive text algorithm interactively as I compose new writings in the style of famous writers.

Here is the beginning of a poem, based on a statistical model of Shakespeare's sonnets (showing the associated predictions):

Let base clouds stir the world's enshrouded tears

Which have no astronomy to be assail'd

Thus in thy fair appearance lay thy buried fears

Whose uncovering gaze my fond perception failed

> And in |

  [my, 0.000261165812844411]

  [quest, 0.000130582906422205]

  [their, 0.000130582906422205]

  [possession, 0.000130582906422205]

  [hue, 0.000130582906422205]

  [the, 2.94613328151172e-05]


Sing sweetly of battle-borne ages

of fell foes infernal, and the king

whose woe endured hailing rage

and the death of exiled heroes.

Denham and Waller Combined:

Since nature gave the world to all our hopes

and beauty gives to us the youthful pleasures still;

No weariness I'll yield to all man's gain

Nor would I tell those powers above to rage.

The wise counsels of age shall have the spoil

of art, and elephant, and crown above

> when I have seen the |

[Muses, 5.35540220880648e-06]

[Earl, 4.53149414170184e-06]

[Queen, 3.70758630197088e-06]

[Greeks, 3.29563226841856e-06]

[British, 3.29563226841856e-06]

[English, 2.88367823486624e-06]

Justin Bieber:

I need somebody to be reality

The only thing that makes me crazy is your breath

and no matter what we've done whatever it could be

once in a star, once in my heart

> Dancing close, baby |

[,, 4.57498754258268e-05]

[oooh, 1.71562023751903e-05]

[nooo, 8.57810118759517e-06]

[doll, 2.85936721411417e-06]

[know, 2.85936721411417e-06]

[yeah, 1.42968360705709e-06]

yeah girl

yeah girl

girl I swear

girl I know

yeah yeah this beat rocks

yeah girl